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Men's Tennis is the home of men's doubles & singles competition for WSRC members only.  Doubles play on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings in the summer and winter.  Singles is a ladder in which players propose play at will.  Each season is around 15 weeks.

Please contact WSRC Men's Tennis Director at for more information.

General Comments

WSRC Men's Tennis
The Leader Board

You can find the Leader Board on the LeaderBoard page.

The WTR △ is the aggregate of all matches played by each player.  Therefore, if you want to see why your WTR changed the way it did, go to the Results page to see how your WTR changed for each match played.  How you and your partner performed against the spread is a big factor. 

Club Stuff

BEFORE you register any USTA team, let Janet know so she can make sure we have courts available.

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